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John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership."

You can only take your team and business as far as you have developed. If you want your team at a "9", then you have to be at a "10".

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Build Confidence

Your ability to lead and influence others will determine how far you progress and how much you achieve everything you desire. 

Start increasing your confidence to increase your success!

Increase Clarity & Focus

Reach your full potential by gaining clarity and focus so that you can execute your dreams, ideas, and ambitions. 

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Welcome, High-Achievers!

I’m Angela Chatham, a Success and Leadership Coach for ambitious, driven go-getters like you. As a high-achiever, you know you were meant to be a leader in business. You don’t settle for the status-quo.  You’re ready to be, do, have, and give more.

If this is you, then you are in the right place!

I help high-achievers increase clarity, focus, and confidence so they can boldly lead and succeed in business. 

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Products & Services

These products and services are designed to help you, your teams, and company reach their full potential.

Success Coaching

Empowering individuals to get to the NEXT LEVEL in their career or business by helping them increase clarity, focus, and confidence.


Speaking Engagements

Equipping individuals, teams, and organizations to become effective leaders and communicators so they can ACHIEVE their desired RESULTS.

I customize keynotes, conference break-out sessions, workshops, and seminars to bring the most value to my clients.


Corporate Programs

Increasing your employees' leadership abilities and communication in order to improve EFFECTIVENESS, PRODUCTIVITY, and SALES.


DISC Profiles

DISC Personality Profile- Learn your specific strengths, personal growth areas, and improve your overall communication skills to INCREASE INFLUENCE and IMPACT.

Sales Profile - Learn about your selling style and your customer’s buying style so you can BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and SELL MORE

Career Coaching

Yes, you can enjoy your work and do more than merely collect a paycheck from week-to-week.

You can find work that is MEANINGFUL, PURPOSEFUL, and PROFITABLE.

Start Reaching Your Full Potential

Become the leader you are meant to be! Get access to receive strategies each month to help you press forward in your success and leadership journey.

"I gained valuable insight on my website, pricing, products and services. I made the necessary tweaks and growth within a matter of months."

Michelle Ngome
Networking Coach

"Angela helped me secure a contract deal with an organization for one year!!! It wouldn't have been possible without God and her help!"

Wesley A. Cornelius
Founder, C Hope Health Services

"One could not ask for a better person to work with than Angela."

Yvette Cuccia
Executive Services Assistant

"Huge Congratulations to Angela Chatham who is our featured COACH OF THE WEEK! Angela is a rockstar coach. "

Jevonnah "Lady J" Ellison
Dean of Coaching, 48 Days Eagles

Be Empowered to Boldly Lead & Succeed

Gain the clarity, focus, and confidence you need to press forward. 

Receive strategies, inspiration, and valuable resources to become the high-achieving, impactful leader you aspire to be. 

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Become the leader you are meant to be! Get access to receive strategies each month to help you press forward in your success and leadership journey.


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